ECG Treadmill, training and support provided to TTM Hospital, Samoa

Author: Dr Warwick Jaffe

Ascot Cardiology Group Interventional Cardiologist Dr Warwick Jaffe and Nurse Mela Yudilevich travelled to Apia, Samoa this January as part of their ongoing commitment to train and support local medical staff in cardiac care.

Dr Jaffe and the Ascot Cardiology Group team have continued to work closely with the Samoan Government over many years, visiting up to three times a year to perform clinics. The relationship has developed to a point now where Dr Jaffe and the team are providing local staff with equipment and training so that they can offer a wider range of cardiac care services themselves at Samoa’s main public hospital.

Dr Jaffe explains, “What we are aiming to achieve is the development of services in Samoa, beyond just visiting and delivering a service, as this will enable the staff to treat people themselves in a more accurate and timely manner.”

The ECG training was held over two days with the medical staff being awarded a Certificate of Competence upon completion.

Since the training, the Hospital has been able to safely offer stress testing to patients and provide more timely investigations of heart conditions.

In addition to the equipment and training, Ascot Cardiology Group will provide annual maintenance servicing for the ECG Treadmill system as well as ongoing guidance and mentoring in quality cardiac care.

Dr Warwick Jaffe and Nurse Mela Yudilevich with the TTM Hospital staff holding their Certificates of Competence

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