Pacemakers update

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Author: Dr Douglas Scott

We have secured excellent pricing on good quality pacemaker generators, which are implanted at Ascot Angiography by Dr Douglas Scott. Dr Scott has more than 15 years’ experience in pacemaker implantation.

We are also now able to offer Pacemakers under the Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Programme, providing patients with certainty around their co-payment, as well as the convenience of shorter waiting times, private facilities, and personalised service.

Implantation is performed under local anaesthetic and can either be a day-stay procedure or overnight stay.

Patients who may potentially benefit from pacemaker implantation include those with symptomatic bradycardia, syncope, pre-syncope with an abnormal ECG/Holter. This can be assessed by Dr Scott at Ascot Cardiology.

Patients advised to have a pacemaker through a Cardiologist may wish to use our service by contacting us directly or through their GP.

To refer a patient you may complete our online referral form. For general enquires or pricing please contact us.

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