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Ascot Cardiology Group is a private, Auckland-based Cardiology Group dedicated to providing excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems and conditions. Situated in the Ascot Hospital in Auckland’s Greenlane, Ascot Cardiology Group is made up of a highly experienced team of both interventional and non-interventional heart specialists.

We provide a large range of specialised heart-related diagnostics procedures ranging from resting ECG tests, stress echo tests to echocardiograms, cardioversion & coronary angiograms. Additional procedures that we carry out under referral include coronary angioplasty, coronary artery bypass surgery and pacemaker insertion. Please see our cardiology services list for a full list of our cardiology and heart diagnostic procedures.

Ascot Cardiology Group Doctors

Dr Warwick Jaffe

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Douglas Scott

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Selwyn Wong


Dr Hitesh Patel


Dr Tim Glenie

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Patrick Gladding


Dr Patricia Ding

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Niels van Pelt


Dr Andy Gavin

Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Dr Nicky Edwards

General Cardiologist

Our services

Ascot Cardiology Group is a leading provider of cardiac care for patients in and around the Greater Auckland area & beyond. Our team of experienced specialists can perform or arrange any of the following services and procedures for you.

Management of atrial fibrillation in primary care setting, the ALL-IN trial

Transcript: Dr Warwick Jaffe: Patricia, can you tell me the trial was about? Dr Patricia Ding: Right, so this is a trial called ALL-In trial conducted in Netherlands, involving 26 GP practices. They cluster randomized them to the integrated care group versus the usual care group. There were about 1,200 patients with 500 also in ...

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Author: Dr Patricia DingPosted: November 26, 2020Tags: , , , , Category: Uncategorized

Dr Warwick Jaffe on current lipid management

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: Right. Good morning. My name is Patricia Ding. I’m one of the cardiologists at Ascot Cardiology. I’m here with Dr. Warwick Jaffe, International cardiologist from Ascot Cardiology. Morning, Warwick. Dr Warwick Jaffe: Morning, Patricia. Dr Patricia Ding: So, and tell us about the current state of play for lipid management. Dr ...

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Author: Dr Warwick JaffePosted: November 23, 2020Tags: , , , Category: Uncategorized

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