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25 Years of Heart Care: A Video Journey

Take a moment to view our special video series celebrating 25 years of heart care at Ascot Cardiology Group. Join Veteran Broadcaster Leighton Smith as he sits down with our founder, Dr. Warwick Jaffe, to explore the evolution of cardiology over the past quarter-century. Through these interviews, Dr. Jaffe shares his insights on the advancements ...

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Watch the videos from the Ascot Cardiology Symposium 2024.

We were thrilled to have such a strong turnout for this year’s Cardiology Symposium. Thank you to all of the GPs who attended and also to our industry partners who came along and showcased some of their innovative technologies. All of the talks were videoed and can be viewed on the event website by clicking here. ...

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Electrophysiology at Ascot Cardiology Group

 Click here for Patient information on the Electrophysiology Study (EPS) offered at Ascot Cardiology Group. Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: Morning everyone, I’m Patricia Ding, Cardiologist. I’m here with Dr. Warwick Jaffe, Interventional Cardiologists from Ascot Cardiology. So Warwick, I hear that we’ve got some new electrophysiology services available at Ascot Angiography. Can you tell ...

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Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Taking medications after heart function returns to normal range

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: Good morning, Warwick. Dr Warwick Jaffe: Good morning, Patricia. Dr Patricia Ding: Hi there. I’m Patricia Ding, Cardiologist. I’m here with the experienced Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Warwick Jaffe from Ascot Cardiology. So now, as a clinician, we always face this challenge about how to convince our patients to take medications. I ...

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Dr Patrick Gladding on EPA (fish oil) and Triglycerides

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: I’m Patricia Ding, Cardiologist. I’m here today with Dr. Patrick Gladding. Hi Patrick. Dr Patrick Gladding: Hi, everyone. Hi, Patricia. Dr Patricia Ding: Okay, right. So can you tell us about the topic today? Dr Patrick Gladding: So I’m just going to talk to you about triglycerides. It’s an area that’s ...

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The Ischemia Trial

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: I’m Patricia Ding, Cardiologist, and I’m here with Dr. Tim Glenie, Interventional Cardiologist. Hi, Tim. Dr Tim Glenie: Hi, Patricia. How are you? Dr Patricia Ding: Right, so you’re going to tell us about The Ischemia Trial. What is this trial about? Dr Tim Glenie: The Ischemia Trial was published earlier ...

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Management of atrial fibrillation in primary care setting, the ALL-IN trial

Transcript: Dr Warwick Jaffe: Patricia, can you tell me what the trial was about? Dr Patricia Ding: Right, so this is a trial called ALL-In Trial conducted in Netherlands, involving 26 GP practices. They cluster randomised them to the integrated care group versus the usual care group. There were about 1,200 patients with 500 also ...

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Dr Warwick Jaffe on current lipid management

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: Right. Good morning. My name is Patricia Ding. I’m one of the cardiologists at Ascot Cardiology. I’m here with Dr. Warwick Jaffe, Interventional Cardiologist from Ascot Cardiology. Morning, Warwick. Dr Warwick Jaffe: Morning, Patricia. Dr Patricia Ding: So, and tell us about the current state of play for lipid management. Dr ...

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ECG Treadmill, training and support provided to TTM Hospital, Samoa

Ascot Cardiology Group Interventional Cardiologist Dr Warwick Jaffe and Nurse Mela Yudilevich travelled to Apia, Samoa this January as part of their ongoing commitment to train and support local medical staff in cardiac care. Dr Jaffe and the Ascot Cardiology Group team have continued to work closely with the Samoan Government over many years, visiting ...

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Oral anticoagulation with Antiplatelet Therapy

An Update on Oral anticoagulation with Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Interventions The challenge of managing atrial fibrillation in patients who have undergone percutaneous coronary intervention for the treatment of coronary disease, is one widely shared and fraught throughout the medical field. Given the emergence of noval oral anticoagulants (NOAC) and updated current ...

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Restoring the Rhythm . . . Atrial fibrillation under the scope

The global burden of atrial fibrillation remains unknown, but in New Zealand it is estimated that AF affects a minimum of five percent of the population. Atrial fibrillation is touted as the most common cardiac arrhythmia and complications can be severe – increased risk of stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarction and dementia. Management of atrial ...

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Heart Failure Therapies in Focus . . . Cardiac Resynchronisation

Worldwide cardiologists and doctors alike are vested in therapies to combat heart failure and explore measures to improve the quality of life for patients – new implanted device based therapies are under active investigations- including devices that can modulate cardiac contractility, and multiple other modes to alter vagal tone. In an ever-evolving landscape of treatment ...

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Heart Failure Complexities . . . A ‘black box’ of treatment measures

Around the globe, in developed countries, 1-2% of the adult population have heart failure, rising to over ten percent in those aged over 70 years. Heart failure occurs not just with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, but also with preserved ejection fraction.– with figures steadily climbing year-on-year. However, despite the prevalence of modern-day interventions – ...

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Cardiovascular Movements and Measures . . . Looking back, moving forward

Therapy treatments for cardiovascular conditions have varied in significance over the past 100 years. Post mid-1950s, experimentation in the field has seen both age-old and progressive therapy treatments come to the fore. Here Dr Tim Glenie reveals trials and tribulations behind two cardiovascular treatments that have created decades of waves across the medical world. Harking ...

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Treating Hypertension Beyond Genomics . . . Personalised care and technology in focus

Treating the world’s largest ‘silent killer’ extends well beyond drug intervention, guidelines and textbook literature. Here Ascot Cardiology Group Cardiologist Dr Patrick Gladding provides insight into technological advances in blood pressure monitoring and ECG sensitivities, and the key role personalisation plays in effectively treating patients with hypertension. “Personalised medicine is more than genomics, it’s also wireless ...

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Cardiovascular Therapies 50’s Forwards . . . Where we’ve come from

To many, anything that pre-dated 1990 may seem ancient – bygone eras of rock’n’roll, big hair and cheese fondue – however the past 40-years has hailed huge steps forward in cardiovascular technologies. As Dr Tim Glenie explains, breakthrough technologies in yester-years has carved a path for future advances in treatments and measures. Cardiac catheterisation has ...

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Hypertension Guidelines . . . Analysis, applications and what to make of it all?

Hypertension is the world’s most common modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death. Globally, it is estimated that more than one billion adults have hypertension, and this number could reach one-and-half billion by 2025. Given that hypertension has no symptoms but accounts for over nine million deaths annually, it is known as the “silent ...

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Larry Williams and Dr Jaffe video on BVS

Join Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams as he discusses Bioresorbable Vascular Stent technology with Dr Warwick Jaffe of the Ascot Cardiology Group. Filmed on-site at Ascot Hospital, Greenlane.      

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