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The Ischemia Trial

Transcript: Dr Patricia Ding: I’m Patricia Ding, Cardiologist, and I’m here with Dr. Tim Glenie, Interventional Cardiologist. Hi, Tim. Dr Tim Glenie: Hi, Patricia. How are you? Dr Patricia Ding: Right, so you’re going to tell us about The Ischemia Trial. What is this trial about? Dr Tim Glenie: The Ischemia Trial was published earlier ...

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Author: Dr Patricia DingPosted: December 7, 2020Tags: , , Category: Uncategorized

Cardiovascular Movements and Measures . . . Looking back, moving forward

Therapy treatments for cardiovascular conditions have varied in significance over the past 100 years. Post mid-1950s, experimentation in the field has seen both age-old and progressive therapy treatments come to the fore. Here Dr Tim Glenie reveals trials and tribulations behind two cardiovascular treatments that have created decades of waves across the medical world. Harking ...

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Author: Dr Tim GleniePosted: September 4, 2017Tags: , , , , Category: Uncategorized

Cardiovascular Therapies 50’s Forwards . . . Where we’ve come from

To many, anything that pre-dated 1990 may seem ancient – bygone eras of rock’n’roll, big hair and cheese fondue – however the past 40-years has hailed huge steps forward in cardiovascular technologies. As Dr Tim Glenie explains, breakthrough technologies in yester-years has carved a path for future advances in treatments and measures. Cardiac catheterisation has ...

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