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Treating Hypertension Beyond Genomics . . . Personalised care and technology in focus

Treating the world’s largest ‘silent killer’ extends well beyond drug intervention, guidelines and textbook literature. Here Ascot Cardiology Group Cardiologist Dr Patrick Gladding provides insight into technological advances in blood pressure monitoring and ECG sensitivities, and the key role personalisation plays in effectively treating patients with hypertension. “Personalised medicine is more than genomics, it’s also wireless ...

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Author: Dr Patrick GladdingPosted: July 24, 2017Tags: , , , , , Category: Uncategorized

Hypertension Guidelines . . . Analysis, applications and what to make of it all?

Hypertension is the world’s most common modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death. Globally, it is estimated that more than one billion adults have hypertension, and this number could reach one-and-half billion by 2025. Given that hypertension has no symptoms but accounts for over nine million deaths annually, it is known as the “silent ...

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